The Province of Ontario is launching a website (called Growing Stronger Together) and releasing a Poverty Reduction brochure to let people know about its plans to reduce poverty and to encourage people to email or write letters outlining their ideas.

A story in the Toronto Star today (May 2, 2008) says Deb Matthews will be starting consultations next week in Peterborough, Northumberland and Ottawa (apparently at the SPNO conference, although we were not advised that this was considered part of her official consultations). We have asked her office for the full list of communities and the schedule and will post information as it becomes available.

The consultations as described now do not appear to be as open and inclusive as we had hoped (see Open letter to Premier posting).

The SPNO is conferring with its other provincial partners on poverty reduction and will be posting how it plans to proceed in the next couple of days.

One thought on “Province To Seek Input On Poverty Reduction

  1. kathy coates

    I can’t believe the amount of poverty and deprivation in this city (Toronto). No wonder there’s drugs and gangs. I thought by the 21st century, we’d be a wiser society and would have started to ‘really’ address this issue! We need to really focus on our ‘families’ and ‘kids’ to ensure they feel safe, cared about, and opportunities are available to them, no matter what!

    Why can’t governments ACT !!

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