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Back Talk: Women Speak About Reducing Poverty in their Lives

Sistering and Street Health are co-hosting a forum for homeless, marginalized and low-income women to speak out on what they think should be in the government’s poverty reduction strategy on Monday June 23, from 3:30 to 6:30 at Sistering ( 962 Bloor St West, Toronto, ON). MAP

Please save the date, more information to follow.

One thought on “Back Talk: Women & Poverty Forum (Toronto)

  1. How about McGuilty firing the individual who reimbursed Corporations in the millions when employees were killed??
    1.)Provincial fine 2001-$375.000=Rebate-$5million;2.)Provincial fine-$215,000=Rebate$738,000;3.)Provincial fine 1999-$100,000=Rebate-$329,000;4.)Provincial fine-2003=$200,000=Rebate-$273,000.(WSIB rebate embarrasing, premier says(April 10, 2008 by Robert Benzie, Mora Welsh-Toronto Star). Lip service for the poor and poverty and
    $$$$$’s for the Corporations. Who is McGuinty dancing too????

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