1. Toronto Star article – “Breakthrough for poorest workers” Carol Goar:
Please check out this article from today’s Toronto Star profiling WAC member’s organizing around temp agencies and the upcoming government Consultations on Temp Agency Work. Click here http://www.workersactioncentre.org/media.html to read the article.

2. WAC Brief for Consultations on Temp Agency Work now available online!
Also now available on the Workers’ Action Centre website is our brief for the Consultation
http://www.workersactioncentre.org/Temp%20agency_2008.html on Temp Agency Work. Check out our website http://www.workersactioncentre.org/index.html for information on how you can get involved.

Background on Consultations on Temp Agency Work

Ontario Government Announces Consultation on Temp Agency Work

Treated like second class workers – not getting public holiday pay, vacation pay and having to pay fees for work only to be denied access to permanent work. These are just some of the conditions facing temp agency workers who make 40% less then permanent workers. That is why the Workers’ Action Centre has been calling on the government to take action on temp agency work and all precarious work that leave all too many working yet poor.

The Ontario government has responded. On May 21, 2008, Labour Minister Duguid released “A Consultation Paper on Work through Temporary Help Agencies.” In this paper, the government says it is “committed to ensuring that employees working through temporary help agencies are properly protected under the law.”

The government wants responses on some of the key issues facing temp agency workers:

The deadline for response is July 7, 2008. After that we’ll probably see changes brought forward in a Bill on temp agency work this fall.

Much is at stake
Winning real improvements on these issues would bring significant gains for temp agency workers. Making both the company and the agency responsible for ESA violations would be a huge step forward in recognizing that temp workers have two employers and it would enable workers to better enforce rights. Stopping fees and barriers to employment and ensuring temp workers get public holiday pay like everyone else would bring fairness that is long over due. But there is more we need to push for – equality between temp agency workers and permanent workers is just one of the issues not raised.

Check our website http://www.workersactioncentre.org/ to find out more about you can get involved and support the Ontario Workers Need a Fair Deal Campaign!