Laurel C. Broten, MPP (Etobicoke–Lakeshore)

When: June 27, 2008

Where: TBD

This will be by invitation only, but they are looking to invite as wide a range of individuals and groups as possible. The office encouraged as much input as possible as to who should be at the meetings.

One thought on “MPP Consultation (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)

  1. Bianca Sanchez

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for the great workshop about Poverty…..

    My personal burning issue is about the Private Schools everywhere in Toronto….

    It is fair to say that there are students who get jobs when finishing a program at private schools.

    The question is HOW MANY GRADUATES do GET jobs and how many DO NOT get jobs?

    If we found out that there is a very large number of students who finish the programs and NEVER get a job. It is fair to say that if the NUMBER of graduates who DO NOT get jobs is CONSTANTLY HIGHER than the number of students who get jobs in most if not all of Private Schools in Ontario, then we have a case for investigation….

    Maybe everybody knows that, except the Ministry of Colleges and Univesities who gives licenses to private schools, or for this purpose OSAP who approves student loans. OSAP has the statistics of the number of students who get loans to study in Private Schools. Has anyone made any comparison of the students graduated from these schools and from Colleges who actually get a job within a year?

    I learned that private schools are in the business of making money. That is their priority, they do not care if the poor students, new immigrants, or anyone else, get an OSAP loan, and after they graduate, never get the job they were told, because they did not get the necessary skills for that job, however these graduates have to pay back their loan doing any kind of job they can get….It makes these victims remain in a LOW INCOME CATEGORY for many years, depending on the responsibilities and obligations that each single or married student has.

    I believe somebody has to make the private schools accountable, if students have not come forward to complain is because nobody asked them, most of the students are more concerned with paying back their loan….maybe it is time to do a survey and find out exactly what private schools are good and what schools are not.
    This is the job of the regulatory body who provides licenses to private schools, what are they doing?

    Please make this issue a VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC for discussion and investigation.

    Please let me know what do you think…..

    Bianca Sanchez

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