Hon Margarett R. Best, MPP (Scarborough–Guildwood)will be holding a consultation on the Ontario Poverty Reduction Plan

When: July 2, 2008

Time: TBD

Where: Scarborough Village Community Recreation Centre
3600 Kingston Rd., Scarborough, ON MAP

2 thoughts on “MPP Consultation – Scarborough Guildwood

  1. As an Ontario tax payor I am fed up with Mr McGuinty’s broken promises. I cannot afford the upcoming HST that will add thousands of tax dollars for all Ontario tax payors on gasoline, electricity, natural gas, real estate and so on.

    When are the tax payors of Ontario going to rise up and oppose this hug tax grab?

    Please advise Mr McGuinty to have a concious and recind this legislation or at least reduce the PST from 8% to 5%. If not the Liberal party will definately not get my vote in the future.

  2. I have NO employment insrance. I do not qulaify for social assitance.

    No EI means NO roll back programs.

    So no Social assistance. No EI programs of ANY kind do I qualify for.

    Been unemployed for 2 years. My life is drasticly degrading.

    I choose between food shelter every hour now.

    can’t even afford bus fair to leave my home if it means missing a meal to cook for the house.

    Am a computer repair techncian, (14) years. Have a great business plan and an idea that is getting me a small income.
    But no govermant program listed do I qualify for ( No EI)
    literally i am even loosing internet. if so my idea fails and I am out of all known options. Soemone some where our system has to be something.

    I can not get out of this hole alone.
    some one point me to the right people.

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