Ontario NDP Poverty Critic Michael Prue invites you to A Town Hall to End Poverty

Michael Prue, deputé NPD de l’Ontario et Porte-parole pour la pauvreté, vous invite à une consultation pour mettre fin à la pauvreté

The Ontario government has promised to develop a poverty reduction strategy by the end of 2008. We need to make sure that it is a serious strategy that will significantly reduce poverty.

Le gouvernement de l’Ontario a promis de développer une stratégie de réduction de la pauvreté avant la fin de 2008. Nous devons nous assurer que c’est une stratégie sérieuse qui réduira de manière significative la pauvreté.

When: Monday, July 21, 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Le lundi 21 juillet, 18 h 30 à 21 h

Where: Bronson Centre – Centre Bronson
211 Bronson Avenue (North of / au nord de Somerset Street West)
Ottawa, Ontario MAP

All are welcome – special invitation to people with direct experience of poverty.

Tous sont bienvenus – une invitation particulière aux gens qui ont une expérience directe de la pauvreté.

Food and refreshments will be provided. Child care and bus tickets available (please let us know by Thursday July 17). Location is wheelchair accessible.

Un léger goûté sera servi. Service de garde d’enfants et billets d’autobus disponibles (svp nous laisser savoir par le jeudi 17 juillet). Accessible aux fauteuils roulants.

One thought on “Town Hall To End Poverty (Ottawa)

  1. Gary Baggey.

    I have 3 ideas that would reduce poverty in Canada. No 1.The imflated prices in Canada should be lowered so people can live on Min. wage that would stop money laundering from
    our greedy companies or the cost of living wages should be made the law in Canada from these companies and 3rd a wage cap should be put on CEOs wage no more that one million per CEO per year so if that company was paying the CEO 9 million if thier wage was capped at one million that company
    could spit the other 8 million dallors to the other workers
    at least evey worker would get a wage increase every year and it would even coat the company any more money to look after all of its workers. I thought we had an equal treatment law in Canada .Where is equal treatment when the houly paid makes 875 an hour when the CEO gets on the average of 9 million dollars a year.

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