The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) and Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) present a Joint Forum on Municipal Roles in Poverty Reduction in Ontario

In Spring 2008, the Province of Ontario convened the Cabinet Committee on Poverty Reduction, led by the Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Children and Youth Services. The Committee was charged with developing a focused poverty reduction strategy by the end of 2008.

OMSSA and AMO support the government’s objectives on poverty reduction. We recognize that giving people the tools they need to reach their full potential means stronger communities for everyone.

OMSSA and AMO also believe that municipalities and CMSM/DSSABs are key to a successful poverty reduction strategy in Ontario. CMSM/DSSABs and municipalities are already on the front line of addressing
poverty through the programs and services they provide to low-income and vulnerable individuals. They have experience building and managing the community coalitions necessary to fight poverty at the local level.

This Forum is a feature of AMO’s 2008 Counties, Region and Single Tier Municipalities and District Social Services Administration Boards Conference, hosted by the City of London and the County of Middlesex. The Forum will highlight the CMSM/DSSAB role in the effort to reduce poverty in Ontario.

Features of our Forum include:

  • Address by the Honourable Deb Mathews, Minister of Children and Youth Services (invited)
  • A discussion of OMSSA and AMO’s joint paper on the municipal role in poverty reduction
  • Showcase of CMSM/DSSAB initiatives to reduce poverty at the local level
  • An opportunity for members to network and exchange ideas regarding local efforts at poverty reduction, including a “town hall”-style presentation of exhibits.

We hope that as many OMSSA members as possible will join our colleagues at AMO in this opportunity for discussion and information sharing across communities and human services sectors in Ontario.