You are invited to a public forum on Friday, October 17 – the United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Dying for a Meal is sponsored by the Food Providers Networking Group, the Justice & Peace Office of the Sisters of Providence, and Kingston’s Community Roundtable on Poverty Reduction. We’ll serve a Harvest Brunch and there will be a panel discussion: How can Kingston’s most vulnerable citizens escape from food insecurity? You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and provide comment.

Things get underway at 11 AM at the Salvation Army, 183 Weller Avenue. MAP

Food and fuel prices are expected to climb as winter approaches. This increase will cut into wage hikes that workers have won and wipe out the modest gains of people on social assistance. There’s a real risk that many more people will face a hard choice: Pay the rent? Maintain heat and hydro? Feed the kids? A recent World Health Organization report explains that the way we produce and distribute our common wealth is a major factor in determining who gets sick and who stays healthy.

The Ontario Association of Food Banks says that over 300,000 Ontarians turn to food banks every month. And increasing numbers are also relying on hot meal programs and emergency food pantries. Breakfast programs in the public schools are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the growing numbers of hungry children. Yet at the same time food security programs are experiencing a decline in donations, making it impossible for the charitable sector to meet rising demands.

We hope that you will be able to join us for a tasty meal and a lively discussion. Please RSVP to Tara Kainer by email at or by phone (613) 544-4525, ext. 113.