Responding to an Open Letter from 25 in 5 in September, Premier McGuinty reaffirms in a letter dated October 1 that “by the end of 2008, our government will deliver a comprehensive, long-term poverty reduction strategy, including targets and indicators.”

Although the Premier says that the “first focus of investment will be on child poverty”, his description of the overall plan as “comprehensive” indicates that he is hearing concerns expressed by communities across Ontario that the Government’s long-term plan respond to the needs of all Ontarians living in poverty.

The Premier also writes, “Our poverty reduction strategy is not only the right thing to do, it is critical for our future economic success. Ontario needs all of its citizens to be strong if we want to compete in the global economy. We cannot afford to let anyone fall behind.”

It is this very understanding that leads 25 in 5 to emphasize how important that implementation of the Government’s poverty reduction plan start with the 2009 budget even as economic conditions in the province are strained.

Full letter from the Premier