“Now is the time to reduce poverty in Ontario!” The October 24th, 2008 25 in 5 forum held at Cambridge City Hall was one of many taking place across Ontario. Showcasing the “25 in 5 Declaration on Poverty Reduction” Peter Clutterbuck delivered the keynote address calling on the Government of Ontario to reduce poverty by 25% in 5 years and 50% over 10 year. The event was co-hosted by The Social Planning Council of Kitchener Waterloo, the Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries and Opportunities Waterloo Region and featured a diverse panel of community representatives. Videos provided by the Social Planning Council of Kitchener Waterloo.

Key Note Speaker

Peter Clutterbuck Part 1

  • Introduction
  • History of the anti-poverty movement
  • Provincial track record on poverty

Peter Clutterbuck Part 2

  • Introduction of the 25 in 5
  • Building of a coalition
  • 25 in 5 goals

Peter Clutterbuck Part 3

  • How we have been moving forward
  • The consultation period
  • 3 major themes emerging from consultations and community meetings

Peter Clutterbuck Part 4

  • How to reduce poverty in Ontario
  • Jobs, wages, housing, education, transportation

Peter Clutterbuck Part 5

  • Conclusion
  • Now is the time for a multiyear plan, policy action and more!


Anne Tinker – Executive Director of Bridges Shelter in Cambridge

Deborah Schlichter – Executive Director House of the House of Friendship

Len Carter – Chairman of Waterloo Regional Labor Council

Melannie May Hogg – Citizen Advocate

Greg deGroot Maggetti – Opportunities Waterloo Region – Endorsing the 25 in 5

Brice Balmer – Opportunities Waterloo Region – Closing