Blueprint For Poverty Reduction: ‘Legacy for an Inclusive Ontario’

Speaker :Marvyn Novick

Date: November 26th , 2008

TIME : 11:30 a.m -1:30 p.m.

PLACE: Regional Niagara Council Chambers
2201 St. David’s Road, Thorold  MAP

Calling all social justice advocates and supporters of a fair, just and equitable social assistance system!

Now is the time to get behind the strong work of the 25 in 5: Network for Poverty Reduction, whose 25 in 5 Declaration principles and lead policy initiatives, that call for the Government to fulfill its promise to seriously address poverty in Ontario- more importantly in “bad economic” times – are the subject of discussion across Ontario.

In their historic cross-province tour of over 50 communities, Marvyn Novick and Peter Clutterbuck are making an important “whistle-stop” in Niagara to show us their “Blueprint for Poverty Reduction”, and inspire us to keep up the pressure on the government to work even harder to ensure that the Government keeps this important commitment to the poor.

Minister Deb Mathews will be releasing her Ministry’s “Poverty Reduction Plan” in mid December and we in Niagara must be ready to support what is good, point out what is unsatisfactory, measure her Plan against the 25 in 5 Blueprint, and call for improvements. This will become even more important in the days leading up to the Spring 2009 Budget when the financial commitment to make change happen – and actually point a clear way to poverty reduction- will be clear for all to see and react to in a social justice, yet practical affordable way.

Sponsored by the Niagara SARC Network and the Social Assistance Advisory Committee to Niagara Community Services Info : Gracia Janes 905 468 2841