GTA Children’s Aid Societies and the Social Planning Network released a report on child poverty that shows a startling increase in the number of children living in poverty.

Greater Trouble in Greater Toronto, Child Poverty in the GTA” reveals that 50 per cent of Ontario’s children in poverty now live in the GTA, up from 44 per cent in 1997. In the City of Toronto, all growth in the number of children living in poverty since 1997 occurred in the inner suburbs, where abysmally high rates of child poverty now surpass those of downtown.

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3 thoughts on “Greater Trouble in Greater Toronto: Child Poverty in the GTA

  1. Monique St-Jean

    As you can see with my email address, I do work for TELUS Telecommunication company in Scarborough.

    My department are always looking to help diffrent organizations, not necessarity by giving money but by assisting in painting, whatever t he needs or the organisation is.

    Poverty in Ontario, should not exist, unfortunately it is and getting worse and it breaks my heart. Is there anyway that we can assist, we are a group of approximately 12 people.


  2. I am looking to join any rally to support child poverty. we are group of Social worker students who support child poverty in Toronto.
    Please let me know if you can join any activist group or organization that fights child poverty.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting this message out.,lucy

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