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Set The Table at Queen’s Park

Join us for lunch and support the call for a $100 social assistance Healthy Food Supplement.

When: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time: Noon

Where: Front Lawn, Queen’s Park

Soup will be served.

For more information: 416-392-1494

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Put Food In The Budget

2 thoughts on “Set The Table at Queen’s Park (Toronto)

  1. Theresa Schrader

    People on welfare do not have enough money to eat. i know this from experience. we need help out here.

  2. Dianna K. Goneau Inkster

    I hope your event went well. I get the Poverty Watch e-mail. Was this petition mentioned on it? Did I just miss it? I don’t recall seeing the “Set the Table at Queen’s Park” event mentioned either. Good luck! Raise the rates. Oh, yes. Tomorrow Night (Thursday March 18) Andrea Horwath and Jack Layton will be at Queen’s U.’s Biosciences Complex 116 Barrie Street at 6:30 to discuss the economic crisis. What better place to bring your ideas about the elimination of poverty forward.

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