The Ontario government has promised to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure everyone has “adequate, suitable and affordable housing” and it has launched a provincial consultation plan. Over the summer, provincial housing minister Jim Watson will be hosting regional meetings in 12 communities across Ontario; every MPP will be encouraged to host at least one meeting in their riding; and the government has launched a new web site to collect issues and solutions. This is our chance to be heard, to let the government know the real housing stories across the province, and to tell them about the solutions – more funding, new laws, better programs and services – that are needed in our neighbourhoods.

A calendar listing the regional meetings, a copy of the minister’s presentation on the consultation, and a link to the official provincial web site is available at – along with lots of other resources, links and useful information. Keep checking back regularly for updates, reports from the regional meetings, key principles and other important information.

Dates for the 12 regional housing meetings, click here.

Official Ontario housing consultation web site