Daily Update – October 4th, 2010

The Do the Math ‘Challenge’ was announced at a press conference at Queen’s Park this morning. Every day this week we will send out a brief update on activities and news around the province. Please forward this email among your networks. And follow the Challenge on http://pfib.posterous.com/ and on Twitter @putfoodinbudget

  1. Press Conference Highlights
  2. Provincial Challenge Team – Follow them
  3. Kitchener-Waterloo Challenge highlights
  4. Sudbury Launch – Follow Sudbury Challenge Team
  5. Cambridge Announcement – Follow Cambridge Team
  6. Spread the Word

1. Press Conference Highlights: Anglican Archbishop Colin Johnson; Nadia Edwards from the Stop Community Food Centre and Bread and Bricks Davenport West Social Justice Group; Diana Stapleton from Weston Emergency Food Bank and Fred Hahn from CUPE Ontario all spoke in a clear and compelling way about the need for an immediate increase of $100 a month for every adult in Ontario on social assistance. You will be able to see video clips of their presentations on our website tomorrow.

2. Provincial Challenge Team: You can see a list of our Provincial Challenge team here. And follow them on the Challenge here.

3. Kitchener-Waterloo Challenge Team: began their Challenge on Thursday September 23 with an announcement at Waterloo Square and an endorsement from Mayor Brenda Halloran of the $100 a month increase. Their challenge concluded with a community meal on Friday October 1st attended by 50 people. Ashley, a student member of Challenge team said of her experience “It is not a challenge to live on such a small food budget – it is impossible”. See a video of her statement here. Front-page article in Kitchener-Record describes experience of Mike Farrell of 570 News Reporter here. You can read the blog of all the K-W Challenge Team members experience here.

4. Sudbury Challenge Team – Twenty four people in Sudbury are taking the challenge including Alice Haasdyk, a dietician at Sudbury Regional Hospital, Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, medical officer for the Sudbury & District Health Unit, Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas and CBC Radio Morning North host Markus Schwabe. You can read the blog of all the Sudbury Challenge Team members here.

5. Cambridge Challenge Team – The Challenge Team includes more than a dozen high-profile residents. It will help kick off poverty-free month in Cambridge. The month will put poverty issues on the front burner at events including the hamper challenge, all-candidates meetings hosted by the social planning council, presentations to Cambridge council and MPP Gerry Martiniuk, as well as events at the food bank. You can see the article in the Cambridge Times here and follow the Challenge team online here.

6. Spread the Word: You can help us spread the word of the Do the Math Challenge by forwarding this email through your networks.  Thank you!!

One thought on “Launch of Do The Math Challenge

  1. October,12,2010

    OUR Government’ as to start helping the one million Ontarians that live in poverty .We have been waiting to hear the “good news” that will make our lives easier and to give us hope, whether we are in receipt of social assistance, disability benefits or low wages. The news media reports that your Government plans to provide meaningful assistance to address the problem of poverty. .

    The Government of canada as a duty to change there polocies and initiatives,on poverty,discriminating on our rights to have the same incomes as working people,and to be treated just like everyone else in canada,regarless if that person can work are not.Having are live’s reduced to needing help,is hard in itself,When its because you where disable is eaven harder to accept the life changing affect it as on you and your family.To be reduced to having your whole life in the hands of higher people,It make you feel eaven more worst and useless.MY choices are not my own.I have to comply with all rules,of ODSP are i get punish.financially.
    The current legal and legislative of the government of canada,doesn’t protect the equality of poverty and people with disabilities.My Canadian charter of rights and freedoms in 1982 quarantees that.I have the rights to EQUAL PROTECTION and EQUAL BENEFITS without discrimination base on my mental or physical disability.are because i can’t work like other canadians.
    The Canadian human rights act is suppost to protect me and not let my ODSP PROGRAM AND ITS RULES CAUSE ME ANY UNDUE HARDSHIP. Until you and other members of your Government work your policies at the ground floor level like , we can only see the situation getting worse.
    MY COMPLAINTS are that the LAWS are suppose to protect me and my rights to be treate like other working canadians and to not have my human rights violated are disciminated because I,am disable and i can,t work.mentally are phisically.The ODSP PROGRAM AS CAUSE ME UNDUE HARDSHIP IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS:
    1 . I’m a disable person who can’t work.I shouldn’t be punish are be discriminated against because of that,and kept in poverty that cause me undue hardship.and my family.
    2 MY INCOME SUPPORT,should be the same as a working person.I didn’t ask to be disable.the choice to work is out of my hands.the rest of my life should be my choice.but because i can’t work i,’am being discriminated and punish.I have the right to have the same lifestyle as other working family.But as the ODSP program stands.I have no rights because i can’t work so equality is out the window because i’am kept in poverty and stripped of my dignaty.and it robs my family of a normal life like other canadian families that can work by there choice .I have no choices.
    MY Income was reduced from 1730 to 1245 because
    1- I took my 19 years old son off my odsp so 285
    plus they put my own son as a boarder and took 100 dollars more off
    then another 100 dollars for a 18 year old that is in school,as no money,pays me nothing and shares the same room as my son.so why should he pay for the same room that they are making my son pay for.when that room was already mine in the first place.
    where is my right to be like other working families that this doesn’t happen to…just because i,am disable and need income assistant.it gives them the right to be in charge of my life.
    If i was a worker,I would not be discriminated,and stripped of my human rights.It would not cause me and my family undue hardship and have privacy like other canadian families,that don’t have all this restrictions to have and INCOME.I’m being made to feel less of a member of canada because of my disabilitie and that I’am not able to work.I’am a burden to to tax payer’s with no rights to my own life,without a decent income like other workers.
    I do not deserve to live in poverty and be dictated on every aspect of my life.I didn’t choose to be a none worker,Its something i have to live with.
    I should have a income that would give me peace of mindNo rules telling me how,who,where,what,when about me are my family.
    I should have the same rights as a working person.
    should not be discriminated because I’am not a working person.
    MY child support should all come back to me and my child..we deserve that money for our future .it belongs to us not the government.she deserve a good education and i deserve something for my future.They would have to support me anyways.just like others.If we where lucky enough to have that amount of support.it should be are right to have it.
    3 Living Expenses. I would love to work,But my life path was not met to be that way.that choice was taken away from me. and now all i think about is ,paying rent,am i going to have enough,for food and not healthy food ,thats out the door.and how can my family get ahead if .they take away all are incomes.I need to be treated more fairly.my life should not be poor because i’am disable.
    I’am considered a burden to the tax payer,s and society.
    4 MY personal life as to be reported,who live’s with me.who as to pay me.how much do they make.I should have my own income base on what i deserve just like other working person.My family should be left alone.it should be seperated from me.Its me that is unable to function in society.NOT MY FAMILY I should not be discriminated because of my disability and my family should be left out of that.
    My child support is being taken from my child and me. so the government can pay my income support,when they have to support me anyways.Its being discriminating towards me because I’am not a working person AND DISABLE My child and me could of have that 450 child support for the last 5 years and not suffer any poverty and undue hardship and put some for her education in a saving funds are something and for me i could of had some for my old age in a rsp fund are something.But again that human right was taken aways from me because i can’t work.so I’am being treated differently then other canadians because i’am a person with a disability and my family as to suffer some undue hardship also.
    IF does things i listed are change i beleive.That my health,stress,lack of food.never having enough.feeling like a looser because i can’t work and be like others hurts alot.its very hard to accept and live with.
    When your own government rips all your human rights,it leaves you feeling like you are a burden to society,it decrated and it humiliating.and it affect your health and so much more.
    I have every right to be treated like other working people.I didn’t ask to be disable.
    Give me my basic human rights back.I deserve that much.
    CLOSING: Changing the system that affects,people who never ask to be supported by the people and government,should not be treated that way. How would you feel if you got disable are someone you love.They have to rely on a program like ODSP OR OW, and you get stripped of your ,money,privacy,income loss,poverty,never enough food,sufering with pain on top of worrieing about your future and your kids future when there’s nothing you can do.you can’t save money at all.not whit this ODSP program,you thing about paying rent and getting food let alone trying to save.there is never enough for that.You would be so depressed at being on this program,that you would wonder why am i being stripped of my dignaty,my rights to live like other working people.I sure didn’t see my life like this are ask to be like that.THat choice was taken away,I f i could mentally and physically work i sure would ,but that is something i had to accept and live with.I don’t need a program making me feel worst as a human being.Please give me my human rights back and don’t discriminated against me because i’am disable and not able to work like other canadian people and family.MY family and me deserve the same consideration like them.
    Thank you ,sincerly yours.
    sylvie gravel,box 307,p0j 1h0

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